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thursday nights
8:00 to 9:00 pm CET

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Golden Moments
   of the year 2000

Bier gegen Inhalt
   from Amsterdam

   from Rovaniemi,Lapland
    24.07.00 - 29.07.00

"the underwater special"
   from the altstadt in linz


Entry Point

join us on irc server irc.servus.at channel #schlonz
Fundamental Radio Show

Our first show took place at the RP4 Studio at the ORF Funkhaus in Vienna for the radio LADA festival in Nov. 97. It was called "all that space and nowhere to go" - a crazy spoof starting and ending on the metaphor of internet as space.

"wir feiern krieg" broadcast: with special guests, bill klinton and gerhard schroder. Consisted of the sound a fighter jet swooping by every couple of minutes while gerhard and bill discuss the exemplary qualities of big macs and nikes and the imperative (i.e. fun) of war. performed during the first week of the nato bombings on serbia. [jet sounds generously provided by robert adrian x]

"kitchen radio": broadcasted live from an ordinary kitchen where an extra-ordinary pasta is being cooked and served live (via mp3 128kbs 44100khz) on air;

"Day at the Races - linux kernel vs. windows nt" - where both pieces of software where being cat'd to the sound device in a race based on speed and stability;

"Gin 'n Juice" - two very different songs with the same title and same lyrics where played over and over again in light of the outrageous discovery that style IS content. [with special guest, James Bond]

"the underwater special" - with Rupert Huber: the entire show was recorded live (via cd quality streaming mp3) from a condom-covered microphone in the terrace swimming pool of an apartment in the altstadt in Linz. All sounds were guaranteed to have been recorded live underwater. [this show is seen as a tribute to the HP dinner show - - ideas and techniques were kindly swiped from them.]

"doom damnit! - lost in code" - with jaromil: an historic occasion, this broadcast, live from othmargasse 36/14 in vienna, was the very first broadcast to use MuSE (Multiple Streaming Engine). like most development software...there were some bugs. [thanks to ethoak for the doom poetry]