"the underwater special"
fundamental radio - underwater

Thurs, June 29th, 2000 - 8-9 PM CEST

LIVE! from the terrace of an apartment
in the altstadt of linz.

on radio fro - fm 105mhz in linz, austria

via streaming mp3 over packet radio

"the underwater special" - with Rupert Huber: the entire show was recorded live (via cd quality streaming mp3) from a condom-covered microphone in the terrace swimming pool of an apartment in the altstadt in Linz. All sounds were guaranteed to have been recorded live underwater. [this show is a tribute to the HP dinner show - - ideas and techniques were kindly swiped from them ->see here.]


hear the entire show :
«32kbs mp3»


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  • «02mp3»
  • «03mp3»
  • «04mp3»
  • «05mp3»
  • «06mp3»
  • «07mp3»

  • video

    divX avi (8.9 Mb): «fundawater-divX»
    divX means amazing quality - bot not streamable


    • realvideo halfpal         «150kbps»
    • realvideo halfpal         «45kbps»
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