somewhere between linz and vienna

sunday the 19th of sept.

1600 - 1800 GMT


special thanks to AEC futurlab

slowschwitt & country
the attempt to to bring a very intense version of kurt schwitters original recording of the ursonate to the audience. this intensification is done by playing the ursonate at 1 percent of its original speed.
casually mixed in samples of sir augusto neros tremendous country archive will prevent the audience of thinking about fucked up mp3 players & restarting their machines.

latest news! an audio recording of early kurt schwitters works just arrived at fun da ments studio - we encoded it for you and did put in online. it seems that kurt schwitters - contrary to his manifestos - worked not only whith his own compostitions but also with "classics" - like in this case beethovens 9th symphony.
but hear yourself: Schwitters singing Beethoven

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