Wolkersdorf, Austria
May 5 - 26, 2002


Einfache Welt / Simple World

May 5-26, 2002

In a small village in lower austria, funda.ment sets up an installation in the Marek Room inside the Castle of Wolkersdorf.

The installation is composed of 123 meters of black cat-5 network cable, one hub, two computers, two contact microphones, an amplifier and two loudspeakers.

The local "network" is connected to the internet and running through it are two image search engines, one looking for things of joy and peace and happiness, and the other searching for peoples and things of a darker nature.

Meanwhile, the sounds of the hardrive writing to disk are mic-ed and amplified in the room.

As the most successful modern democratic concepts have proven, all "good" things come in pairs.

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