midnight sun

mon 24th - fri 28th of july 2000
23:59 - 4:00 CEST

where did you say it was?

on location in Rovaniemi, Lapland

on radio fro - fm 105mhz in linz, austria

via streaming mp3 on
provided by silverserver

we also took some doku snaps

say what?

fundamental radio was in rovaniemi, finnland at polar circuit 3 from 24.07.00 till 30.07.00 - during that time, live transmissions were sent to air on radio fro in linz, austria, the whole week long from 00:00 till 4:00 CEST under the midnight sun.


canceled due to plain delay
two angry customers


first nite really on air .....people set up a submixer to our system so that they can continue after our show ... funda show 1 hour

... the naturnoise mix 1 hour ... (by sophea lerner + steve bradley + mexx + august ) ... the plastic tube + granular synthesis (steve bradley) + bottles (august + sophea) ... moving over 2 some general idea of producing noise of any kind wit a microphone .. steve still doing granular synhesis ... moving over to freestyle jam ...still jaming


funda.ment announces a special rebate on their new software item - the evidence eliminator. only US $39.95. yes, you too can avoid 20 years of federal imprisonment! clear your drive of those nasty mp3's & kiddyporn pics. a "one click" all happy software.

20 minutes performance of dr_ups from varka crew

electro for the rest of the morning from AE (stephane claude) and shawn pinchbeck


thursday - normal funda.ment show at 20:00 (not recorded) between linz and rovaniemi with ingo, alex, and some english gals.

... later, poetry from ethoack based on the mythology of doom [32kbs mp3]

... studied the anthropology of garbage with zirba, sophea, mexx + august .a.o. under the supervision of steve.

... climbed on top of the university of lapland and watched while a bottle of famous grouse scotch whiskey performed the rest of the show until 5am


last nite: pasta a la rovaniemi. content from the kitchen. ... continuing into the early morning with sounds reflected from varka crew in riga.

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