Entry Point, Linz : a terrestrial network sculpture for Bregenz

A description of the project is as follows: A microphone hanging outside of the Stadtwerkstatt building in Linz records and encodes via real audio the sound nearby the building. Simultaniously, a camera hidden behind a two-way mirror, installed outside Cafe Strom records images of people outside the building and sends them as a webcam image within an html page. The microphone will hear most likely the sounds of nature nearby the danube as well as the voices of the people at the cafe below. The camera will record the images of people as they adjust the way they look in the mirror. The two live feeds, sound and image, are meant as a live network sculpture. It will be picked up and used in Bregenz and by anyone else interested.

The two recordings of sound and image function like two flagpoles stuck into a grounding of internet activity - activity produced by a constelation of computers and people sitting behind computers connected by telephone lines, modems, protocals, and all other things we call internet. On the flagpoles hang two 24hour LIVE recording variants of sound and image from a specified location in Linz, Austria - an entry point to and from the remote location at Stadtwerkstatt.

August Black & Mexx Seidl (STADTWERKSTATT) - 1998


Special thanks go to Stadwerkstatt and Ars Electronica Center