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B.Y.O.C - We Want Content!

7.10.2000 11pm CEST

for an event, funda.mental radio set up for an hour on the walkway outside of De Balie in Amsterdam and gave away free beer in exchange for 30 seconds of participation from individuals among the passing traffic, streaming the event live to Radio FRO 105 Mhz FM in Linz, Austria and to wherever else possible in the context of net.congestion streaming media festial.

This event is BYOC: bring your own content

"The Act of Drinking Beer with Friends is the Highest Form of Art" (Allan Fish/Tom Marioni, 1970)    as seen on kunstradios replay

» video «

(all in 32kbps mp3)

the whole show (1 hour)
& some special short cutz:

chewing tobacco
we are from denmark
i hate microsoft!
nazi punks phuck off!
a face like a picasso
amsterdam vs. rotterdam
where is the fucking content?

back to the fundament

click here for a picture of the people that provided us with support during the show!
massive thx also 2 ingo fuhrich who supported us again in lince!