recent past

the Hard Drive Orchestra
   installation and performance
   Freud Museum, St.Petersburg

simple world
   installation in Lower Austria
   Schloss Wolkersdorf

Out of Space
   from Hobart / Tasmania

   from graz

We saw the Light
   can YOU see it?

Golden Moments
   of the year 2000


fundamental radio

Sometimes an exercise in strategic form, fundamental radio acts as a media theater for the new economy, developing techniques and agendas for a variety of western cultural predicaments in the areas including (but not limited by) micro-management, social engineering and cultural assessment (i.e. propaganda).

Sometimes an exercise in psychological ergonomics, fundamental radio is radio for various perceptual mechanisms, taking place between the ears and behind the eyes.

Streamed live & direct to FM from various locations (but, mostly vienna), fundamental radio is installed on a weekly basis on the 105MHz frequency of Radio Fro in Linz, scheduled on Saturday evenings from 20-21:00 CET.

August Black & Markus Seidl

with support from Ingo Fuhrich

powered by

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